Here in Hot Springs at least every second house is empty and the once elegant health resort with its spas and baths seems to deteriorate more and more. However, what most visitors don´t know and what the human eye cannot see is the millions of rock crystals that are hidden below the earth´s surface. Hot Springs is located in a vortex, a giant mass of whirling energy that is also called “node” (node of oscillation).

This year´s KRYON Summer Light Conference took place in this energy field. If many of the participants (like us) got really tired on some days, it was due to the transformation process that is a lot stronger in these “nodes” than it is in other places.

Last night the event ended for us and we are now looking back on a wonderful and intensive time. We saw a lot of our friends again, gained new ones (like you can see in the pictures down below) and we got to immerse in the energy of Kryon. Thanks to my spiritual tools I once more succeeded in opening the hearts of many people to the energies of the angels, the masters, Mary Magdalene and her companions and the Lemurian goddesses. We cannot wait for the next Summer Light Conference in June 2017 in Yellowstone National Park.


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