Hardly a day passes when we are not inundated with negative headlines. There is barely time to catch your breath and the next bit of terrible news slaps you in the face. The world around us appears to sink into ever greater chaos, suffering and terror. It also seems that less and less people have the stamina to resist this trend with genuine optimism and positive thought patterns.

– Fact is that adding fuel to one’s fears weakens people.

– Weak people are easy to lead and even easier to manipulate.

– Fear paralyzes people and renders them unable to make their own decisions and take action.

So….. that’s the point.

Our past and our history have shown us plenty of times what happens when we give in to fear. Now we seem again to be at crossroads where we must decide whether we want to go down the same old road of habitual fear or stand up to it and consciously move away from it.

Surprisingly, sometimes almost like out of nowhere, a counter current of positive events is also establishing itself – comparable to fresh new grass shoots in a brown and dried up landscape (I was writing about this in my last newsletter).

Just to give an example, the German magazine DER SPIEGEL has, quite unexpectedly, launched a new series of 30 articles which are meant to “raise hope in the face of difficult situations, describe models of success and in this way go beyond the happenings of the day…..this has got nothing to do with naïve reporting from a sunny perspective but on the contrary, is actually in-depth coverage of subjects like climate change, drug politics or child labor. After all, finding solutions must, first of all, begin with the acknowledgement that a problem exists.

These reports, essays and commentaries are multifaceted and don’t speak through a single voice – still – they all have one goal in common: to challenge doom and gloom theories, cynicism and lethargy……”

Personally, I am absolutely convinced that, as long as there are people who dare to make an effort to counter fearmongering in the consciousness of the collective – the world will not end. There are far more people on our planet who want peace and not fear and terror; who prefer to live in light instead of darkness.

Our world is undergoing a big change and negativity is fighting for its survival, with all the ugliness it can muster. Needless to say, even if the possibility exists that our generation might not live long enough to see the full extent of this change – it is underway and it will be worldwide. Nothing will be able to stop positive energy from flowing everywhere on our planet!

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