Nowadays nobody is able to tell exactly where the legendary Sermon on the Mount was held. But without meaning to be blasphemous, today’s first channelling by/with KRYON/Lee Carroll high up on the Masada mountain plateau – overlooking the Dead Sea and vis-à-vis Jordan – involuntarily reminded me of the Sermon on the Mount. The Dead Sea lies approximately 400 metres below sea level here; above it soars the Masada mountain range, on which the legendary king Herod built a palace, of which only ruins are left today.

Another highlight was yesterday’s visit to Qumran. Some of you already know of my “close relationship” with Mary Magdalene, and for this reason it was long a great wish of mine to come to the place where numerous old scrolls, among them also the so-called “Gospel of Mary Magdalene”, were discovered during the last century. Jesus presumably belonged to the group of Essenes, and the probability that he was here in Qumran is very high. When I was reading a book about that many years ago, the wish to come to Qumran awoke in me for the first time. Sometimes it takes some time until wishes are fulfilled…

What also fascinated me very much was a quite inconspicuous spot in the River Jordan, where the early Christians were baptised and where baptisms still take place today. In this very spot, not far from Jericho, the prophet Elijah also supposedly “went up to heaven in a chariot with horses of fire”. Honestly, I have never been particularly interested in Elijah, but the channelling by KRYON/Lee Carroll, in the course of which Elijah’s energy could be felt very distinctly, nearly blew me away. It was the strongest channelling by Lee that I have ever heard. But this probably also has to do with myself… and this is why I am going to google this Elijah now. 😉

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