“This cathedral is like an incredible book in which one could read for days or even months and never tire of it”. This poignant remark of one of my fellow travellers is by no means an exaggeration. On Friday, the last day of our spiritual journey – after a short tour through the historic district of Toulouse – Albi was the culmination of our week. This mighty, fortress-like building stands at the very place where the crusade against the Cathars was commenced many centuries ago. It is difficult to put its beauty into words, one has to see it and take it in leisurely.

In the evening, we took ample time to reflect on our personal experiences and adventures of the past week together. During our spiritual journey, the majority of us have been able to let go of or transform old burdens, to gain important insights into ourselves, and to start for home with new impulses for the coming months. In the course of an incredibly touching meditation, I channelled beautiful and very profound messages from Easa/Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Judas. Our subsequent common supper concluded our intense and eventful week. Perhaps I can repeat this journey with another group one day – in any case, I look forward to September 2015, namely to our next spiritual journey through Tuscany!

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