The journey is its own reward!

„The journey is its own reward!“ – this especially pertains to the pilgrims on the Way of St. James. After all, most people who walk it meditate or pray during the peregrination that lasts for days and thereby want to discover the access to themselves. For this reason, they accept the partly very different routes willingly and do not give it a second thought whether the landscape is bleak or charming, monotonous or diversified. They probably are not bothered about the numerous high-voltage lines, wind farms or the stretches of way that run alongside roads.

Maybe my idea of the Way of St. James was a bit romantic, or I have an entirely different vision of the spiritual journey that Gerd and I are planning for a group of like-minded people for 2016. After all, it is not always that easy to find beautiful stretches of way through a harmonious landscape.

Strictly speaking, our approach is not the classic pilgrimage full of deprivations in the course of which one slowly approaches the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela over days and weeks, but we love the combination between history, culture and spirituality, all of which abound in this region. All together make up an ideal spiritual journey for us, towards whose perfect design we advance more closely day by day.

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