Of course there are HIGHLY SENSITIVE men

“An Indian knows no pain!” (German proverb) and “Boys don’t cry!”. Who among us does not know these sayings from their childhood? For centuries, the male role expectations have been shaped by a patriarchal society in which performance, toughness, discipline and strength play a very important role.

Living with an “actually highly sensitive man”

Thus, it is hardly surprising that many (young) men who were born highly sensitive or highly perceptive (approx. 15–20% of all men) are thrown into emotional turmoil because they are unable to live up to the traditional male ideals. Many of them would gladly stand by their emotionality, their sensibility or their sensitivity to pain, but they were taught to hide it or cover it up as children because giving in to such sentiments would be “unmanly”.

For this reason, it is no wonder that many women are taken by complete surprise when they realise that they live with an “actual highly sensitive man” who does not express his true self due to his education. Maybe he grew up among men who demanded emotional and physical toughness from him. Maybe he never learnt to talk about his true feelings and needs. Or maybe he is embarrassed by his high sensitivity and has learned to assume a role that has little or nothing to do with his true self.

Highly sensitive persons feel the effect of spiritual tools most clearly

Owing to such inner conflicts and identity problems, misunderstandings and crises can arise in relationships. However, these can be eliminated as soon as both partners endeavour to clear the air and are not afraid to discover new facets and aspects of themselves and others.

The spiritual world offers energetic help to all those who want to undergo an internal or external clarification process, for instance in the form of the Angel Aura Essence ARCHANGEL GABRIEL. This angel energy not only purifies the subtle body, e.g. the aura and chakras, but also provides support on the paths of self-awareness and re-orientation.


High Sensitivity

The inner child of HIGHLY SENSITIVE people 

“When we are little, we dream of growing up. As adults we often desperately seek for the lightness and the magic we experienced as children.” Silvia Harke

During my time as a kinesiologist, I frequently noticed that the problems of my clients, e.g. anxieties, insecurities or allergies, were rooted in their childhood. There were also cases in which I could trace back the roots of their problems to their mother’s pregnancy or past lives. Although this is “normal”, it still bears mentioning.

Many people find it difficult to mentally or emotionally go back to their childhood. Either because the memory is unpleasant or painful to them or because they have blocked out their time as a child, so that they cannot think of anything in connection with the topic childhood.

Access to the inner child is very important when it comes to rekindling lost enjoyment of life, vitality and creativity. However, since especially highly sensitive people have experienced their childhood more intensely than most other people have, their inner child is especially in need of care and “healing”. After all, they were frequently left alone with their powerful emotions since others were simply unable to understand them.

Highly sensitive people respond especially well to spiritual tools

Besides the established therapeutic support, other methods have proved successful regarding the integration and the conscious acceptance of the inner child in adulthood. Those who not only want to get support for their inner child on the mental and emotional levels, but also on the spiritual level, can find it in the form of spiritual tools.

The classic among my spiritual tools in connection with the healing of the inner child is the Angel Aura Essence ANGEL HARIEL. Not only is it the “spiritual emergency essence for children”, but it has also been used very successfully by people working on their inner child for years. All the injuries borne by the inner child take hold in the subtle body. Occurring often in the aura and the chakras or the multidimensional DNA and remain there for life and even beyond if they are not transformed with the help of subtle-spiritual tools.


High Sensitivity