Viva Mallorca!

It has already got about that Majorca has been my second (?) home for some years now. However, it took me uncommonly long to set my foot on this island. But already during my first stay, I lost my heart to this exceptional beauty of the Mediterranean. The island offers sandy bays, rocky shores, placid lines of hills, rugged rock formations, olive groves, valleys of oranges and lemons, almond blossoms, turquoise water, art and culture… What more could a heart desire!?

Thus it did not take me long to conceive the desire to hold my holiday and self-awareness seminars on this very island. No sooner said than done! A beautiful place was found soon and thus it is that the seminar week already takes place for the sixth time in the southeast of the island. Saturday is the big day! I am going to tell of my experiences regularly!

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