How often have we been told that a human’s body, mind and soul need to be in tune with each other so that he or she can be or remain healthy and inwardly balanced? However, when we have a closer look at these three domains, we immediately encounter some ambiguities. After all, …

… the human body is clearly defined, there is no doubt about that …

… but what is its mind? Is it the reason, the intellect or perhaps – as some people claim – the spiritual part, i.e. the soul?

But if so, what about the soul? If it is supposed to be the spiritual or metaphysical part of a human being, where does the area of feelings, the level of a person’s emotional state and experiences, come in?

Body, mInd and soul

People who have brought their life into line with a holistic or alternative philosophy know that a healing process cannot be complete without an alignment of the emotional level and the level of feelings. So what is to be done?

How about a new, all-encompassing definition?

Namely the following:

  • Body (including body energetics)
  • Mind (intellectual level)
  • Emotions (emotional level)
  • Spirituality

This definition does not only include the bodily, emotional and intellectual/mental level, but also the spiritual one!

Graphically represented, this concept looks like this:

body, mind, soul, emotions

What does this new approach mean in practice?

CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE draws almost entirely on the bodily-energetic level in order to initiate a recovery process. This includes all measures that affect the body directly (i.e. manually, like, for example, surgery, massages, physiotherapy, etc.) but also energetically, since chemical processes (e.g. through medication, ointments, etc.) also belong to the energetic level in the broadest sense.

A HOLISTIC TREATMENT does not only involve the body including the energetic level, but also the emotional and mental level. This includes all kinds of conversational therapy, homeopathy, kinesiology, sound massages, flower and stone essences, colour therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, etc.

Thus, one might say that “body, mind and soul” are treated anyway. But why is that not enough in many cases? The answer is simple: because the spiritual level is not taken into account! (One needs to keep in mind that the term “holistic” must not be confused with “spiritual”; e.g. palm healing is not spiritual, but energetic.)

SPIRITUAL TREATMENTS with spiritual tools, like, for instance, the Angel Symbols, Angel Essences, Master Symbols or Master Essences, which are directly energised by the spiritual world (and not by humans), do not only reach a person’s spiritual level, but also the mental and emotional level. By this means, the bodily-energetic level is balanced out.

Through Lee Carroll, the angelic being Kryon transmitted the following information to humankind already more than 10 years ago: I have some advice for you if you’re a healer. Would you like to make your healing abilities more profound? … For the first time I’m going to tell you that your healing abilities will be connected to the work you’re doing on yourselves – physically and spiritually.”[1] This means that healing will be less and less successful without an involvement of the spiritual level. The more spiritual a person becomes, the more important it is for him or her to draw on the spiritual level in his or her treatment.

[1] Carroll, Lee. KRYON. Lifting the Veil.

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