Washing a teddy bear in the washing machine is not necessarily a good idea. Maybe a tender hand wash does not make it lose its shape. Who knows…

But what do we really do if we get toys as presents, or if we want to give toys away ourselves? Wash them? Clean them? But how? Because the ‘dirt’ which we do not see, is actually more critical than the layer of dust the toys have accumulated over the years.

I am talking about the energies and subtle information which are saved on furry animals, picture books, dolls, bricks, etc. They come from the burdening emotions of the children and families where they have lived for years, and/or the heavy energies in their flats and houses.


How often does a sad child cuddle its teddy bear? How often does it dry its tears with the teddy’s soft fur? Everything can absorb energies and information, and save them over decades. This is not limited to houses, land or Auntie Emma’s heirlooms.

Therefore, do not forget about cleansing before giving away, or after having got a present. Not only wiping or washing, but really energetically cleansing. How does this work? The simplest way is to spray the toys with the Angel Aura Essence ENERGETIC CLEANSING and leave it for a while.

People who can see the aura, can see whether toys are clean, or not, anyway. Sensitive people feel it, and others can test with a pendulum, a dowser or the muscle test, or are simply guided by intuition. Thanks to the angels energetic cleansing in the children’s room can be so easy!


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If we were able to see the aura, we would be shocked to see all the energetic impacts from a day. Many people literally soak up burdening energies like a sponge, depending on their environment, and their openness and sensitivity.

Particularly those who work together with many people, have contact with physically or mentally ill people, or have to work in crowds (such as shops, shopping centres, pubs and restaurants, etc.) had better not know what sticks to them when they come home in the evening… Not to mention children, infants, babies and animals.

Highly sensitive people have fine antenna, and are therefore more likely to perceive energetic burdens in their energy field. Others, however, have the same problem, but do not feel it so clearly. This does not necessarily mean it is better for them… External energies can often show up as tiredness, depression, or feelings of heaviness.

If you are ready to resolve this problem, I recommend the following:

  • Do not just shower with water (physical level) but also energetically with the Angel Aura Essence ‘Energetic Cleansing’ (spiritual-energetic level).
  • To strengthen the immune system, put a few drops of high-quality grapefruit seed extract in a glass of water and drink it before you go to bed.
  • If you want to, you can also use my Angel Aura Essence ‘Multidimensional DNA layers’ to activate the light body process and increase the spiritual level of awareness.

As said so nicely in a psalm, “God grants sleep to those he loves”… and we are provided for in our sleep by the angels and their helpful energies… Let us be grateful!


Interesting Facts