‘Your spirituality is innate’. A message from Lady Nada

„You may sometimes feel alone and misunderstood with your spirituality, your love for the angels and us, the Ascended Masters. Maybe other people tell you that spiritual messages are just fantasy which are not scientifically accurate, and lack an intellectual foundation.

You may wonder why so many people simply do not allow any spiritual thoughts?

You should accept that the large majority of your fellow people are still stuck in their tight box of thoughts, not seeing any reason to get out of it. Unfortunately in many cases it takes tragic strokes of fate for them to start looking for an escape from their spiritual dead end.

Ever since the messages from KRYON, channelled by Lee Caroll, you know that your spirituality is virtually innate, based in the multi-dimensional layers of your DNA. However, your DNA may keep sending you spiritual impulses, but as long as you are not ready and open for them, you will not be able to perceive them.

Therefore, it is important for you not to feel alone with your spirituality, or feel like an outsider in society, but be part of a network of light workers. Join spiritual groups, take part in spiritual events, and exchange with others about spiritual views, opinions and experiences.

Living your spirituality consciously can also happen on another level. For example, in your mind, or during meditations you can join the energy of other people who also work for the vibrational elevation and the development of the spiritual awareness on earth, no matter whether you personally know them or not.

There are many ways of consciously living and practising spirituality, and more are emerging every day. Because you have come into this life to mark the beginning of the great change in awareness, and to increase the vibrations of planet earth. Do not be insecure, you have already achieved so much! Just go on! I am the Ascended Master Lady Nada. Greetings! I am with you!”


THE NEW AGE REQUIRES PIONEERS. Opening to Interdimensional Thinking

“The frequency of your reality has changed. Oh, your healing methods will continue to work, but they will become less effective, unless you begin to search for the new frequency, which will activate them.” [1]


If we want to deal with spirituality and healing on a deeper level, a close look at the term “subtle energy DNA” will be necessary. DNA is the abbreviation for desoxyribonucleic acid, which is the information carrier for the genome (genetic information) in the nucleus of a cell. A DNA molecule consists of two strands, which are spirally wound around one another, thus forming a double helix. The genetic information of a human being is encoded in the DNA, as the current science sees it, while. Dr. Bruce Lipton already holds a slightly different point of view. His view is shared by KRYON who for nearly 25 years now has tried to communicate the following information, which has naturally not (yet) been scientifically proven:

Every physical DNA strand is surrounded by energetic “layers.” It is believed that there is a total of twelve DNA layers, and the first layer – the physical DNA strand, known to man – is called a genome. Note: Some books refer to twelve DNA strands. This could be a translation error.

As a visual hypothesis, these DNA layers could be imagined like aura layers, flowing into and moving within one another. Just to provide one illustration: The personal akashic record (the collective cosmic memory, connecting all human beings), for example, resides in the eighth subtle energy DNA level..

Each physical and each subtle energy DNA strand is then surrounded by a subtle energy crystalline coating, which energetically-physically is closely connected to the magnetic field of the earth. Now if the frequency in the DNA of a person is being raised through his/her spiritual growth process, this higher frequency is transmitted through the subtle energy crystalline coating of the DNA to the magnetic field of the earth and there also triggers a rise in frequency.

The reverse is also true: When the earth receives a rise in frequency from the outside, for example from a solar flare, the resulting higher frequencies are transmitted to the magnetic field of the earth and from there into the magnetic field of the DNA, the crystalline coating, effecting a rise in the DNA frequency of the person at the subtle energy level. The spiritual evolution of a person is thus closely connected to the spiritual evolution of the earth, the global transformation process. From a spiritual perspective, the subtle energy DNA layers are the starting point for spiritual growth, which finally may lead to spiritual enlightenment.

[1] Carroll, Lee: Behind the Veil

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