Sarah Tamar’s loving energies for your Inner Child and the Children of the New Age


SARAH TAMAR, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus is now called an Ascended Master. She accompanies you on the spiritual level as a luminous being if you want to heal your inner child, or understand better and accompany the children of the New Age. She is also a wonderful support if you work on the effects of miscarriage or stillbirth.

She is not mentioned in the Bible at all because the existence of a daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus would equal blasphemy. However, traditions and channelled information say that SARAH TAMAR travelled to the south of France together with Mary Magdalene and other members of the family, where she lived for decades.

As an Ascended Master SARAH TAMAR offers her help when

  • you want to heal your inner child
  • you want to work on your childhood
  • you do not want to pass your unpleasant childhood patterns on to your children
  • you want to improve/heal the relationship with your child
  • you accompany/look after children
  • you want to understand the children of the New Age better
  • you want to get in contact with an unborn child
  • you want to work on a miscarriage/stillbirth
  • you want to listen to your heart more
  • you should shed emotional dependencies.

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To get a closer connection with the energies of Sarah Tamar, you can integrate the energized Master Symbol of SARAH TAMAR, or the energized Master Aura Essence SARAH TAMAR in your daily life, or your therapy session.

Both the symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by Sarah Tamar, work on the quantum level in the subtle-spiritual body, the chakras, the morphogenetic field, and the multidimensional DNA layers. They dissolve energy blockages from the present, the past, and former lives.

Mary Magdalene

‘Not the children, but society displays behavioural problems.’ A message from Master Aurora

“Greetings, dear ones. I am Aurora! Today I have a message for you parents, grandparents and the many people who dedicate their life to children.

Children are born as spiritual beings, and they bring a lot of inner wisdom into this life. And what happens then? In school, at the latest, they are crammed with primarily intellectually oriented subject matters and learning contents. However, those energies are not consistent with their soul structure, because they are not in harmony with them, and sometimes they are more of a hindrance than a help. Nonetheless, you force your children into this thought and learning pattern.

We are aware of the fact that only few of you can afford to send their children to private or alternative schools, although many of you would like to do that. But what could and would actually change as long as you adults do not change your stance on learning? As long as you associate learning with achievement and success?

People who perform earn money. People who perform meet the demands of society. People who perform meet with appreciation and respect and are therefore able to gain a certain status. That is what you think, right?

We Ascended Masters are well aware of the fact that one cannot live off idleness, because we as well passed through many incarnations on Earth. But what I would ask of you today: Deliberate on the topic of performance once again!

How up-to-date is your performance principle?

How happy do you make your children with it?

How could you redefine it?

From where else could you draw your self-worth, your contentment, your financial basis and your happiness?

The Children of the New Age – your children and your children’s children – bring a different set of values into their life. They challenge you by refusing to participate in the established learning and performance principle. They are called “maladjusted” or even “troublemakers with behavioural problems”. How would you describe your achievement-oriented society? Does it not also display behavioural problems?

Let us revisit the topic of the established school system: Is it not high time to learn to differentiate between learning contents that are old, worthless burdens and such that are actually helpful to your children? Do not fixate on traditional knowledge transfer and the stimulation of the intellect; after all, the wisdom of the heart must not get the short end of the stick. It alone will help humanity survive! Your children have brought a lot of it into this life. Do not forget that! I am Aurora, be greeted!”

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer


Tasting instead of Wasting

I only have to imagine how much food is being thrown away on a daily base for the simple reason that the expiration date tells you to do so – honestly, it bothers me in a big way. It makes me nauseous, to tell you the truth. Okay, so I don’t want to buy rancid nuts or moldy chocolate either just because they were doing overtime on a shelf. In that sense the expiration date does offer a certain protection for the consumer, but – think about it – perhaps even more so for the manufacturer? Because, if you chuck more, you can sell more, right? (Even, if the product is actually perfectly fine….) Just take a look at Himalayan crystal salt, for example – it is 200 to 250 million years old – but when you see it on the shelf of a store, its goodness expires apparently after a couple months….

I can still remember the times before expiration dates became law. Yes, that was a while ago. You trusted that your grocer was the honest kind and didn’t scheme to take advantage of you. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t last long in his business, that’s for sure. It’s harder to trust a supermarket chain, isn’t it?

There is a young woman from Berlin, named Lena Becker (www.restlos-glü, who truly had a stroke of genius. Her idea is to “save” grocery items that can’t be sold on the regular market because their appearance (shape, color and size) does not fit the norm. Consider that, in Germany alone, there are tons of grocery items that are being thrown away by the supermarkets just because they are labeled wrong or simply because the expiration date is about to pass. To this add German households that get rid of close to 82 kg (round that up to 181 lbs.) of food per year – you get the picture.

So here is another great idea: Nina and her team are planning to open a restaurant which will use exclusively food items that have been “saved”, from organic (if possible), local and seasonal production. Actually, something like this could be more than “just” a restaurant – a place where people of like mind, who care about taking action against senseless wasting, can brainstorm and cultivate their ideas.

Isn’t that genius? I consider it as a sign, however small, that the winds of change are blowing: they are bringing fresh and positive thinking into arenas that have become stale and rigid. This is a start, of course. Much more is needed, but you’ve always got to start somewhere. And again, the (grown up) “children of the New Age” are front and center when it comes to action!


The Children of the New Age have grown up

The book “The Indigo Children” by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober has raised millions of people’s awareness for the so-called Children of the New Age and opened their eyes about this growing generation. While it was little known until then that many young people have very special spiritual abilities and needs, many of them are now at an age where they have a determining influence on the shaping of our society.

This week in San Diego, I had the opportunity to spend an evening with a group of “grown up Indigo children” in order to familiarise them with my spiritual tools and channel some messages from Mary Magdalene, other Ascended Masters and archangels for them. Of course, there were also some “older people” among the group, but it was very nice to observe how playfully especially the younger ones were able to switch between the earthly and the spiritual world. Diane de Vettori, who had invited me, mentioned casually that she personally knows at least 150 young, very spiritual people, all of whom live in the San Diego area. This density of grown up “Children of the New Age” seems to be very prevalent in Southern California.

Our world is in a state of change and upheaval, and we can look forward to hearing even more of the new generation of spiritual people over the next years. Namely, when they finally take the helm of our society in order to set course for a more humane shaping of our world.