The perfection of imperfection

Julia Roberts is brave! She defies the cosmetic companies and beauty surgeons of this world by publishing a photo of herself without make-up and styling. She adds the following message on her instagram page:

“Perfection is a disease of a nation. We overlay our faces with tons of make-up. We get botoxs and even starve ourselves to become that perfect size. We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see. It’s the soul that needs the surgery. It’s time that we take a stand. How can you expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself? You have to be happy with yourself. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Today, I want to put up a makeup-free photo. I know I have wrinkles on my skin but today I want you to see beyond that. I want to embrace the real me and I want you to embrace who you are, the way you are, and love yourself just the way you are.” – Julia Roberts.

There is nothing to be added… But well, there is something I would like to mention… a channelled message on this topic from the Ascended Master Lady Portia which I transmitted in 2014. I am going to attach it here:

“Perfection and striving after completeness are values that are very common among you people on Earth; maybe they are even more frequent in the so-called industrial countries than anywhere else. At this juncture, many of you are aspiring after becoming “even better” and “more perfect”. You set the standard where mass media have already influenced you subconsciously by demanding high standards of perfection without you having noticed it. It is about the perfect looks, the perfect face, the perfect outfit, the perfect posture, the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect relationship, the perfectly planned party, or the perfectly well-bred children …

What does perfection mean? Have you ever tried to get to the bottom of it? Who defines perfection? Who assesses it? In what way does it enhance your life?

Indeed, nature offers a lot of examples for what perfection amounts to because nature is a master of perfection. Nevertheless, especially in nature one can observe that the imperfect has its place just like the perfect, if not more so. Therefore, I would like to ask you if the imperfect might not possess even more quality or at least another quality than the perfect?

Think of a child who is knitting a scarf for its mother. As yet it is inexpert and the result turns out accordingly. However, does this matter to its mother? On the contrary, her child’s love which is inextricably linked with the scarf is much more valuable to her. Or think of the quality of a self-made cake compared to a perfectly looking frozen cake from the supermarket. Even though the self-made one might not be perfect from a visual point of view, you are sure to taste the difference.

You are asking what my point is? I would like to invite you to stand by your imperfections in order to alleviate the stress stemming from your high expectations. Moreover, insecurity, poor self-esteem, or the silent wish for being loved are often hid away behind perfection. Once you have realised that, you will discover an entirely different, new quality in the imperfect which might even enrich your life! Therefore, stick by your imperfections and enjoy your life!

Be greeted, I am Lady Portia“

© transmitted by Ingrid Auer




Entering a different world


“Humanity is never going to change!”… “History repeats itself!”… Are you familiar with such statements? Do you believe in them? Or do you think that something has been changing for quite some time now, maybe even in a way you had not thought possible a few years ago?

Do you remember the time when we did not have any mobile phones? The technological Stone Age so to say 😉 No, it was not a long time ago, but still we can barely imagine to communicate with letters, telefax messages or an outdated rotary phone today.

Of course, there are also negative spin-offs the new technologies entail. But after all the pendulum does not only swing into one direction, and there are also positive things to mention.

“We are going to have more time to ourselves in the future – for art, for sleep, for reflection. We won’t define ourselves by our work that much anymore”, Arianne Huffington of the “Huffington Post” is supposed to have said at the DLD conference in Hamburg. And according to Nathan Blecharczak of Airbnb “technology will become more important in bringing people together.”

Yes, humanity is changing; that is also what the angelic being KRYON, who accompanies us through the time of the great transformation, tells us in many of his messages to Lee Carroll.

„The wisdom barrier is what we have described as “what happens in the energy of Human consciousness when certain attributes occur that are not quantitative but that affect and even change this barrier”. So it’s not about how much or how many. Instead, it’s about other things that will occur within the physics of consciousness that you don’t yet know anything about. But these things must occur in a certain way, a distributed way, not a centralized way, in order to break this barrier. The wisdom barrier is not a wall or obstruction, but a barrier of energy that is waiting to be reached, like the sound barrier was waiting. When the wisdom barrier is reached, it breaks an old paradigm of consciousness, and nothing can be what is was. … 

Humanity has passed a point where it is no longer in survival mode. It has broken the wisdom barrier, and now it has gone into a mode that starts to build the process of getting along. You cannot easily go backwards into a less aware state. It’s a quantum attribute. Think about this – a wisdom that enhances the brains of all humanity to a point where most minds can agree on things that they never even realized before. All this, without actually having it taught to them. Did you hear that? Now, you didn’t expect that. The barrier is broken and out comes “intuitive mature Human thought” for the entire planet.

It surrounds the Human Being in such a way, and Human civilization in such a way, that when a child is born, new maturity becomes second nature – the wisdom of getting along, of tolerance and how to solve puzzles, of Human with Human. It’s called the wisdom barrier. Now, you’re there! And it’s not going to give you fireworks or sparks in the sky. There won’t be a celebration, or toasts, or balloons, except on my side of the veil. All old souls are looking into the very essence of this barrier energy. You are peeking into what makes it work, and you’re about to push the envelope that will affect all of humanity, not just Lightworkers and old souls. You’re about to push the button on physics you didn’t know existed – and it will take time. (“The Physics of Consciousness – The Future Revealed” , Kryon by Lee Carroll, Berkeyley Springs, West Virginia, June 29, 2014)

Do you still think that history repeats itself? That we won’t make any progress in our hamster wheel? Personally, I do not think so because I have experienced and helped to bring about too many positive changes in the past few years. The world is changing and we along with it! I am firmly convinced of it!


photo: sunset in heart hands (c)




Taking a hard Knock – Getting Up – Straightening your Hat – Carrying On

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt just went through it, rather recently. Me too, unfortunately. How about you? I am talking about having a project fail, something that is near and dear to one’s heart.

The famous couple Jolie-Pitt made a dream come true for themselves with their romantic drama “By the Sea”– but, surprise – it bombed. Nobody saw that one coming, either. It’s not that they couldn’t take their financial loss in stride, after all they are in good shape moneywise – one of the wealthiest actor couples around (supposedly the movie gobbled up $10 million in production costs and so far has only brought in $1.5 million). But the thing that really must hurt, is the death of a vision, of a dream you cherished.

In my case, it was my project “Punto de Luz” in Mallorca (Spain) that went down the drain a couple of years ago. I had envisioned creating a spiritual center in the heart of Palma, a place that spiritual seekers could call home. My dream was that likeminded people could get together, perhaps do meditation evenings, or had the opportunity to come to special sessions for just themselves if they wanted to do that. There would also be information for pregnant women in need of spiritual support. They would have a chance to discover innovative educational concepts based on spirituality which would benefit the children of the New Age.

Well, long story short – it didn’t work out – all that was left of my grand idea was huge disappointment and a bank account in the red.

Any project you put your whole heart into is like having a baby – in the norm you are very attached to it. But following your calling is not necessarily a guarantee for success, even when you jump over your own shadow to achieve it. So, of course – it hurts. Not only do you invest your money, you also spend a lot of time and energy – not counting the love that you put into it……with what result?

Needless to say I was pondering things quite a bit in those days……why did it turn out to be a failure? Was it the beginning economic crisis that had particularly far reaching effects in Mallorca? Was it simply the wrong time? Or was it also the wrong place – a lack of curiosity in such matters on the part of the people in Mallorca? Or, was my whole concept misconceived? Had I been naïve about it…..???

I never asked my angels for an answer. For some reason, I wanted to deal with it by myself.

Meanwhile I have stopped thinking about it. The heartache wouldn’t go away for a long time though. It had truly been a vision near and dear to my heart. But who knows, maybe the only thing that needed to happen was for the energy of the angels to be transferred to Mallorca in the form of my Angel Symbols and my Angel Essences (and from there to the mainland of Spain and to Latin America). I was lucky to meet exceptional people in the process, people who I can still call my friends and companions today, so whatever was in the clouds for me…….logic isn’t always going to answer your questions.

The important thing is, that, after you get knocked down, you get up again and dust yourself off. Actually, to tell the truth, I am still in the process of dusting myself off and straightening my hat again … not quite there yet….someday I will be…

P.S. In German we say: “Falling down – Getting up – Checking the Crown – Going forward!   photo ©


Mañana – Tomorrow  


I was born and raised in Austria. Admittedly, I am not used to having to pull a number when I go into a store to buy something. Here in Mallorca, you have to pull a waiting number for pretty much any business you attempt to do: whether you are buying fruits or whether you are getting a contract for a cell phone. Same story at the post office, IKEA’s furniture store, or when you want to rent a car.

When I was new here, it really ticked me off. It seemed that the longer the queue was for waiting customers, the slower the pace was at which the sales people worked. But I had no other choice than to wait again and again, to surrender to what I could not control.

There is a reason why the Spaniards have the reputation to say “mañana”, meaning tomorrow, when they cannot (or maybe don’t want to) do something and try to postpone it for some other time (which they are unable to tell you) in the next future. Maybe it’s just us biased Central Europeans clinging to an old cliché that wants to require citizens of other countries to conform to the standards of our performance oriented society. Or perhaps it really is just Spanish philosophy of how to live life.

Fact is, that I am starting to like this slowness. Even when it will probably still take light years for me personally to adjust to this pace (unfortunately). Observing myself I have noticed that deep down I hold the people of Spain in high regard. Nothing can shake their calm when it comes to taking enough time for things that matter to them. So, yes, they are totally able to just live into the day when they feel like it. Let’s hope that it stays this way and they won’t succumb someday to the pace of Central Europe. Well, if they do, I pray it will be “tomorrow”, after all, shouldn’t there be enough time for it “mañana”?


Tasting instead of Wasting

I only have to imagine how much food is being thrown away on a daily base for the simple reason that the expiration date tells you to do so – honestly, it bothers me in a big way. It makes me nauseous, to tell you the truth. Okay, so I don’t want to buy rancid nuts or moldy chocolate either just because they were doing overtime on a shelf. In that sense the expiration date does offer a certain protection for the consumer, but – think about it – perhaps even more so for the manufacturer? Because, if you chuck more, you can sell more, right? (Even, if the product is actually perfectly fine….) Just take a look at Himalayan crystal salt, for example – it is 200 to 250 million years old – but when you see it on the shelf of a store, its goodness expires apparently after a couple months….

I can still remember the times before expiration dates became law. Yes, that was a while ago. You trusted that your grocer was the honest kind and didn’t scheme to take advantage of you. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t last long in his business, that’s for sure. It’s harder to trust a supermarket chain, isn’t it?

There is a young woman from Berlin, named Lena Becker (www.restlos-glü, who truly had a stroke of genius. Her idea is to “save” grocery items that can’t be sold on the regular market because their appearance (shape, color and size) does not fit the norm. Consider that, in Germany alone, there are tons of grocery items that are being thrown away by the supermarkets just because they are labeled wrong or simply because the expiration date is about to pass. To this add German households that get rid of close to 82 kg (round that up to 181 lbs.) of food per year – you get the picture.

So here is another great idea: Nina and her team are planning to open a restaurant which will use exclusively food items that have been “saved”, from organic (if possible), local and seasonal production. Actually, something like this could be more than “just” a restaurant – a place where people of like mind, who care about taking action against senseless wasting, can brainstorm and cultivate their ideas.

Isn’t that genius? I consider it as a sign, however small, that the winds of change are blowing: they are bringing fresh and positive thinking into arenas that have become stale and rigid. This is a start, of course. Much more is needed, but you’ve always got to start somewhere. And again, the (grown up) “children of the New Age” are front and center when it comes to action!


New Year’s Resolution

I do not like New Year’s resolutions at all. Because if I want to realign my life, I do not do it at the beginning of a new year, but whenever it feels good and right for me. “Friend Saturn” (he represents structure, order, cutbacks, trials and realignment among other things) has been tugging at me for some years now. My horoscope shows that he has been sweeping across my sun sign Scorpio (whichconstitutes me as a person and character) and is going to cling to my Sagittarius Ascendant this year.

This allows me to redefine myself, reduce some things in my life, clear out and make space for new things, turn on the searchlight and be open to the signals of my soul and my heavenly companions. The relocation at the turn of the year certainly is already a part of this, after all it gives me the opportunity to have a good clear out and to free myself from material burdens (after all the new flat is smaller, another Saturn topic). The next months will show where my journey will lead me and who will participate in this journey or who won’t. Things will certainly remain exciting. All in all, there will be enough for me to do, because the first ideas and impulses are already coming up. It is certainly not going to be boring, with or without Saturn.

I wish all of us a hopeful, fulfilled and happy New Year! Every one of us steers their own ship of life and sometimes it is smart and important to relinquish the wheel to a higher, caring power. Happy New Year!

(Photo © https://www.laclassefranç…/…/paris/; VIEW, German edition 12/2015, p. 44 ff)



Our world is changing

After a strenuous day of work, I just love to “air” my brain a little. For this purpose, I like to pick up a magazine which is not too intellectually demanding and read the latest gossip about pregnant Swedish princesses or Queen Elizabeth’s latest hat styles.

Recently, when I was thumbing through the magazine VIEW, an article about the terrorist attack in Paris caught my eye. Sentences like “The world reacts differently to the terrorist attacks in Paris than the terrorists had expected” prompted me to read on. “People all around the world are united by their deep sympathy; also many Muslims grieve with Paris. From Paris to Rio de Janeiro, the landmarks are lighted up in the blue-white-red colours of the tricolour. … A very formidable answer to the terror is given by Frenchman Antoine Leiris. He, whose wife died at the concert at the Bataclan, posted an obituary for the mother of his little son, the love of his life, on Facebook, and in it he tells the assassins, ‘You want me to be afraid. Forget it.’”

One thing is very clear: We must not naively underestimate the major upheavals in our society along with their unforeseeable consequences, but that is exactly why fear is a bad counsellor. Again and again, we should get out of the hamster wheel of our fears and direct our thoughts and our whole energy towards a positive and peaceful realignment of our world!