The land of opportunity

I am sure you are familiar with them: the days when you miss the forest for the trees. This frequently occurs in my life, and sometimes it is difficult for me to unwind completely and escape my mental hamster wheel.

But every time when I am in the USA – as I am now – something inside me changes a little.

_ Maybe it is a different awareness I get of myself and my life here,

_ maybe it is the distance with which I can look at my everyday professional life,

_ maybe it is the energy of the land of opportunity that inspires me,

_ maybe …

In any case, I again get entirely new impulses for my work, new doors of thought open up and I feel myself and my calling even more distinctly than at home.

My development is not always linear, but mostly happens in leaps and batches, which I can feel very keenly again; and I discover new, unlived potential inside me, which I would like to realise and put into action in the near future.

Which is why I am also going to return home from this journey loaded with new impulses, ideas, visions and changed views. But until then I – fortunately – have still some time left!