SPIRITUAL JOURNEY 2014: What I have discovered at Saint Hilaire

If you leave Carcassonne and drive south through the placid rolling hills and the picturesque vineyards, you reach the abbey Saint Hilaire (Hilarius). The monastery dates back to the 9th century and for a long time was inhabited by monks who stood under the patronage of the counts of Carcassonne.

During the crusades in the Middle Ages, in the course of which the institutional Church tried to obliterate the Cathars, also the monks of St. Hilaire, who were close to the Cathars, were accused of blasphemy. Therefore, their monastery was destroyed. The Romanesque-Gothic church and the beautiful cloister are especially worth visiting.

However, what I consider to be the most exceptional is the semi-relief which represents Jesus hugging a woman and a woman sitting next to him. Who this woman is with whom Jesus is represented to be very familiar, is a question that should be answered by everyone himself. In the course of our SPIRITUAL JOURNEY 2014 I am going to show this beauty spot to the participants.

Mary Magdalene

Maria Magdalena in Los Angeles

“Los Angeles” means “The Angels” in English… and you not necessarily expect to come across them in the Californian metropolitan city. Nevertheless, also in this city one can find spiritual places, at least if you look for them specifically or if you let yourself be guided by your intuition.

In the “Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels” I not only discovered beautiful angel figures (which I will show to you elsewhere), but also Mary Magdalene: Depicted very modernly and appealingly on a huge wall tapestry – and on glass windows and wall ceramics in the basement. If you are rambling about L.A. and can spare some time, you should absolutely go to see it!

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