How MARTHA, sister of MARY MAGDALENE, can heal your 3rd female chakra

Some women literally feel powerless, without any own power. It is because they have never learnt to stand up for their own needs. Therefore, they are incapable of granting themselves permission for their own actions and decisions.

Whereas the first female chakra has to do with grounding and balancing, but also with imprints from the clan, the second female chakra with emotional securities, creativity and children, the third female chakra is about personal power and self-authorization. The energy centre is above the navel, and is also called the solar plexus. When we are nervous or scared, we feel an unpleasant tension in the stomach area around the navel chakra (which it is also called).


For centuries a woman’s personality was entirely judged on whether and how they were beneficial to others, and how they were able to find their place within the family unit. Therefore, a lot of women were only judged on their domestic duties and motherly qualities, and as a result, treated accordingly. They were normally not allowed to live their individual personality. And if they did, only hidden from public view.  I do not think I need to comment on the effect this had, and still has, on the collective female self-worth


  • “Women belong to the children/in the kitchen.”
  • “Women do not need to learn a job.”
  • “Women should not interfere in family affairs.”
  • “Women do not need hobbies. They should rather take care of raising the children.”
  • “He is the master of the house.”
  • “Men are responsible for finances.”
  • “Men bear responsibility for the family.”
  • “Men know better what women need.”


Strength and weakness of the third female chakra are connected with performance and competence, inferiority and immaturity. And, of course, with our own rights. This means that we women (as well as men) must have the power of making decisions regarding ourselves and our lives. Whereas, on the other hand, we must not give voluntary or involuntary permission to others, to make decisions for us and on our lives.

Former generations of women were content with the aim in life of serving others, and to subordinate themselves to the other members of the family, including their needs. Therefore, many women were not supported in their families of origin to live self-determined lives, develop and express their talents.


  • external control
  • not living one’s self-empowerment
  • lacking trust
  • lacking self-worth
  • powerlessness
  • subservience
  • abuse of power
  • serving role


Another women’s problem is shame which can have a burdening effect on the three bottom chakras. This may be connected with religious moral beliefs which generally see sexuality, and particularly female sexual organs as dirty or immoral.

These belief patterns have been integrated into the ideas of morality of families and clans over centuries. They have been seen as irrevocable fact and passed on from generation to generation as the ‘sole truth’. In the meantime, this shame has already been saved in the morphogenetic field of women. It will require a great deal of information to get them out of this.

The following table (after C.N. Shealy and C.M. Myss, The Creation of Health, 1983) shows the disorders that can correlate with a weak third female chakra:

organs mental and spiritual areas possible physical disorders
third chakra stomach area

upper intestinal area

liver, gall bladder, kidneys


adrenal gland


central spine


guilty feelings

problems with sexuality, money and control in partnerships

power/control in the physical world


stomach and duodenum ulcers

problems with colon/bowels

inflammation of pancreas


chronic and acute digestion problems


Just as with all the other chakras, there are various ways to strengthen and balance the third chakra:

  • through physical exercises on the energetic level
  • with the help of body-energy-work
  • with the help of mediation
  • on the emotional level through talk therapy, family settings, kinesiology, astrological sessions, etc.
  • on the mental level through positive thinking, mental training, etc.
  • on the spiritual level through transformation of karmic blockages or oaths with the help of spiritual tools, e. g. my channeled spiritual symbols and essences


2,000 years ago MARTHA was the physical and/or biblical sister of MARY MAGDALENE. In our times she supports you as an ASCENDED MASTER if you have problems with power or suffer from abuse of power. Her high vibrating energies can support you with courage and strength, if you are confronted with problems and difficulties.

To heal your 3rd female chakra, you can integrate my energized Master Symbol of MARTHA , or my energized Master Aura Essence MARTHA  in your daily life, or your therapy session.

Both the symbol and the Aura Essence, energized by Ascended Master MARTHA, work on the quantum level in your subtle-spiritual body, your chakras, your morphogenetic field, and your multidimensional DNA layers. They dissolve your energy blockages from the present, the past, and past lives.

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Source female chakras: Dr. Christiane Northrup

Mary Magdalene

Why you can rely on MARTHA in challenging situations

Mary Magdalene and her Companions (part 03/21)


MARTHA is called an ASCENDED MASTER who accompanies you on the spiritual level as a luminous being. Her energy is powerful, giving you courage, perseverance and stamina.

The BIBLE mentions her as Martha of Bethany, sister of Mary Magdalene. Maybe they were really related, or maybe they were only ‘spiritual sisters’ who have gone through the same initiations. In Kathleen McGowan’s novel ‘The Expected One’ Martha is described as Mary Magdalene’s sister in law.

When both women arrived with family and friends in the south of France (which is not described as such in the Bible), after Jesus’ crucifixion, MARTHA lived in a place which is today called Tarascon. In the church, which is dedicated to her, you can take a look at the crypt. This was supposedly built on the spot where MARTHA’s house stood.

It was a natural thing for Martha to fearlessly support her sister Mary Magdalene and her children on their escape from Israel to Egypt, and on the journey from there to the south of France. She also helped her in spreading Jesus’ teachings in the south of France.

As Ascended Master MARTHA offers her help when you

  • have lost your confidence and optimism
  • need mental, emotional or energetic support
  • others unsettle you
  • feel overloaded or jaded
  • feel unbalanced
  • want to develop a greater lack of fear, or

want to overcome your limitations.

To get in close contact with MARTHA’S and MARY MAGDALENE’s energy, you can integrate the Master Symbol MARTHA, energized by her, in the form of a symbol card or the energized Master Aura Essence MARTHA into your everyday life or your therapy and body work.

The symbol, energized by MARTHA, as well as the energized Aura Essence work on the quantum level in the subtle-spiritual body, the chakras, the morphogenetic field, and in the multidimensional DNA-layers. They dissolve energy blockages in the present, the past and in former lives.


Mary Magdalene