“Learn from difficult relationships”

“Who would not like to have a happy and harmonious partnership? However, keep in mind that relationships are one of your most important learning programmes! Nevertheless, you are often after an ideal picture of partnership which you see in books and films. Be aware that you should not by all means try to live in harmony all the time. The main thing is that your partnership is based on mutual respect. There are also partnerships where one dominates the other, or one gives up his or her own personality and basic needs out of a false understanding of love. Sometimes people are even exploited by their partners without noticing it. As soon as someone external tries to hint at this fact, they even defend their partners. Do not judge yourself and others for this, but learn to understand and change the behaviour patterns and emotional deficits behind it. Sometimes it is necessary to set energetic and emotional borders to your partner, to remain true to yourself. Despite all the difficulties, try to keep in mind that you can learn a lot from complicated partnerships, and therefore you can develop personally and spiritually!” Mary Magdalene © transmitted through Ingrid Auer, 2014

Mary Magdalene