A “mountain” that is not a mountain: Mt. Ida – KRYON Summer Light Conference

June 9, 2016: “Where is the mountain?” I thought out loud with question marks written all over my face. Gerd and Tany shrugged. “No idea…” was their answer. In the morning we headed towards Mount Ida, which is a one-hour car ride away from Hot Springs, to go see the big mountain and its crystal caves.

But now we know: Mount Ida is not a mountain, but a city or a region that is famous for its crystal deposits. According to Kryon there is indeed a mountain, not one raising above ground, but one that reaches deep into the earth´s interior.

The earth´s surface in this region contains tons of quartz crystals that appeared over time. That is why we started digging for quartz ourselves. And voilà – we were successful and could take some of these wonderful treasures home with us. (To be continued)


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