Why JESUS can be your companion during difficult times

I guess the person JESUS of Nazareth does not need to be explained, but JESUS the ASCENDED MASTER does. He accompanies us through our time on the spiritual level as a luminous being, particularly supporting us in hard, challenging situations or phases of our life.

Much has been written about him in the BIBLE, which cannot be scientifically proved by modern historical research. For this purpose, it is important to understand that the gospels of the New Testament were written to spread positive news. Furthermore, there are numerous misinterpretations which were caused by ignorance. Also the fact that JESUS was the husband of Mary Magdalene, and the father of (at least) three children (Sarah Tamar, Jesus II and Josephus) is not mentioned.

However, if we want to experience a JESUS far from the Bible figure, and to perceive his energies intensively, then we have the chance to meet him in his role as an Ascended Master. Together with a lot of other Ascended Masters his home is on a higher level of awareness, which is, due to the global transformation process, as close as we have ever been.

As an Ascended Master JESUS, also called EASA, offers you his help if you:

  • find yourself in a challenging situation
  • have to fight against difficulties
  • find it hard to accept a situation in your life
  • do not allow yourself to show weakness
  • condemn yourself because of faults
  • are afraid of controversies
  • should treat yourself (and others) more lovingly
  • have slightly lost connection to reality

To get in close contact with JESUS’ and MARY MAGDALENE’s energy, you can integrate the Master Symbol JESUS, energized by him, in the form of a symbol card or the energized Master Aura Essence JESUS/EASA into your everyday life or your therapy and body work.

The symbol, energized by JESUS, as well as the energized Aura Essence work on the quantum level in the subtle-spiritual body, the chakras, the morphogenetic field, and in the multidimensional DNA-layers. They dissolve energy blockages in the present, the past and in former lives.

Mary Magdalene