Amazing experience with the Lemurian Goddesses Symbol Cards

“Dear Ingrid, I want to share with you the experience one of my patients made with your Lemurian Goddesses Symbol Cards. Sofia (her name has been changed)  is a woman of 32 years. Eleven months ago, she was pregnant and did not feel ready to have that child, so she decided to have an abortion. Only her boyfriend and she knew about it, they did not tell anyone else.

It is two months ago that she first came to me. She came to me because she was feeling really angry and aggressive, but also lost and unhappy all the time. She was also having problems with her facial skin, which was getting all red, for which she was treated by a dermatologist.

We began to work with each other, and I was getting deeper inside her in each session, using crystal healing, theta healing, qigong, focussing, and all that was needed, which varies from session to session, as you know.

Three weeks ago, she told me about the abortion (we meet once a week), we worked on healing, forgiveness, acceptance, and the whole emotional aspect. The ultimate relief came last week when we used the Goddess Symbols. The fact is that Sofia would really have loved to be able to tell her mother about what she had done and receive her support, love and forgiveness, but she comes from a very religious family, and she thinks they would never accept that their “perfect daughter could have done such a thing”, so she was not ready to tell them about the abortion.

I asked Sofia if she would like to use the cards to ask her line of ancestors to forgive her, give her strength, etc. She agreed.

We did some breathing, relaxing, and conscious preparation for some minutes. Sitting in a chair, she picked some cards: one for herself, one for her mother, one for her grandmother, one for her great grandmother and one for the unborn child. Then I asked her to lie down on the massage table, while I put on some angel music. With closed eyes, she relaxed, and I asked her to place the cards intuitively on her body. I guided her through a meditation to connect with the present, past, and future of her body.

I do not remember all the words I used or even the whole meditation. But what happened was simply beautiful. Her whole female line of ancestors was there, women from all kinds of places, times and cultures, forming a circle around her, all dressed in the traditional costumes of their culture, performing a dance, singing around her. I clearly saw them. Words came out of my mouth, guiding Sofia so she could connect with all of them, their strength, their love, their support, their forgiveness, their courage. She cried gently while experiencing, feeling and receiving.

Towards the end of the meditation (it lasted about 20-25 minutes), she told me that she had seen her great grandmother, whom she had known. Her great grandmother had talked to her, had given her words of admiration for who she is as a woman and forgiveness and had told her that she comes from a line of strong women that endured a lot in the course of their lives and that she is strong and wise enough to go through all of this. Sofia felt that a big weight was lifted off her body, she even felt that the unborn child forgave her. She felt clean in her feminine organs and ready to receive another baby when the right moment comes (she felt dirty before, guilty, with no sexual appetite, she did not feel worthy to receive a child and was not able to experience pleasure). She was full of love after the session and deeply thankful.

Yesterday, when she came to the session, she told me that the previous session with the cards had been the most important one for her. She also told me that she really felt that a huge weight had been lifted off her body and that a big step had been taken. She really feels everything is clean inside her regarding the abortion, she has made her peace with it, she also really forgave herself, and she even feels more confident now. It was a big leap. Our work has achieved a lot, and she has more self-esteem now, she is also more in tune with what she feels, and she does the things she wants to do, and not things other people want her to do. She is putting aside that “perfect, gentle Sofia everyone takes for granted”, and she is beginning to be who she really is, without being in a rush, but she is still doing it. That session initiated a huge healing and recovery process in her whole cell system.

Thank you, Ingrid, from the depth of my heart!

Veronica, Mexico City”



Lilly, Robert and Amber – KRYON Summer Light Conference 2016

June 11, 2016: Last night I was too tired to write a blog post. The day was filled with lectures, channelings, music and profound encounters with people who came to our booth in order to familiarize themselves with the energies of our symbols and essences.

Robert Coxon and Lilly Wong once more touched the hearts of those present with their music and with Lilly´s Light Language. After the conference Amber Wolf also offered a Lemurian Sisterhood evening to over 100 women that had come from different countries from all over the world. Pictures from that evening can be found below the video. (To be continued)


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