Why Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus’s feet?

I told you I would write about Mary Magdalene’s celibate life. Well, we have to consider that Mary Magdalene’s and Jesus’s (such as Mary’s and Joseph’s) relationship is a ‘royal’ dynastic one. Jesus came from the line of King David, and Mary Magdalene’s father was the Jairus-Priest Syrus. The married couple were subject to strict dynastic rules which drastically differed from the usual Jewish marriage-laws. The requirements for a dynastic marriage were clearly defined. They demanded a celibate life style, strictly regulating the periods where the conception of a child was allowed.

Engagement – First Marriage – Second Marriage

It started with a sort of engagement which was actually a contractual marriage. Three months after the ‘engagement’ there was a formal ‘First Wedding’ with an anointment ceremony (let’s remember the scene where Mary Magdalene anoints Jesus with nard!). In the following September marriage began. Afterwards a physical relationship was allowed, but only in the first part of December. If this did not result in pregnancy, they had to lead a celibate life again until the following December.

Did the woman get pregnant, though, there was a ‘Second Wedding’, and the marriage was legal. The legal status of marriage was not acknowledged before pregnancy. This gave the husband the chance for a legal divorce in case the wife was infertile. Therefore, the ‘Second Wedding’ never took place before the third month of pregnancy (in fear of a miscarriage).

Why the Virgin Mary could conceive a child

These marriage laws explain why Mary, to whom these laws also appealed, could conceive a child as a virgin. Women only became wives after the ‘Second Wedding’. Before that, they were ‘virgins’, young women, if we translate the word almah correctly.

Mary Magdalene

About Cathar Caves and Rose Villages

Tue, May 17, 2016: One of the absolute highlights of our Spiritual Journey through the South of France was today´s visit of the caves close by Tarascon-sur-Ariege that not a lot of people know of. There is proof that the Cathars used to live in the Pyrenees region, where these caves are located.

We had the unique opportunity to embark on a private tour through the cave systems with an expert on the Occitans, the descendants of the Cathars, as our guide. Amongst the Cathars there were Ininerant preachers that travelled through the country to preach the original teachings of Jesus Christ. All the preachers had been taught and prepared for their ordinations and their practices in special Cathar initiation Caves for several years. There was also Cathars that lived in caves where they held their divine services among other things.

On the way back from the Pyrenees to our castel hotel in Couiza we passed through a village where the Rose Festival had been held two days before. The small village was decorated with thousands of climbing roses, many of which smelt wonderfully. We just had to capture that magnificent floridity on camera.

Like the days before we rounded the day off with an evening channeling. I received messages from Lady Gaia and Archangel Uriel for the group. Last but not least, we again enjoyed a deliciuos dinner in “our” Cathar castle.



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