“Free yourself from jealous thoughts”

“Jealousy is a widely spread emotion. It comes to light whenever you have problems with your self-esteem, or when you think you have to compare yourself with others. You can particularly find this burdening emotion in partnerships, amongst siblings and in the job. You feel disadvantaged and think that other people are better than you. Some people even consciously use jealousy to specifically upset others, to take revenge or to exercise power over them. Therefore, look at yourself carefully the next time jealousy arises, and recognize what you come into resonance with. If you feel like a victim, abandon this role. If someone tries to manipulate you, don’t allow them. If anyone scratches on your self-esteem, concentrate on it, and try to strengthen yourself instead of being weakened. As soon as your jealousy gets less, you know that you have made a big step forward on your personal and spiritual path of development.” Mary Magdalene © transmitted through Ingrid Auer, 2014

Mary Magdalene