With Angels and Ascended Masters in Mexico City

How is one supposed to write a blog, when one is at a loss for words when faced with so many emotions? Sunday evening I have returned to the hotel, which is situated in the heart of the city, after an incredibly intense, exhilarating and fulfilled weekend with my Mexican seminar participants … and I had to – or rather got to – abandon all the stereotypes about Mexico already within the first three days of my stay.

What remains is a lot of joy, bliss and enthusiasm, as well as the deep knowledge that my “spiritual tools” do not only open up people’s hearts here with a lot of love, sympathy and wisdom day after day, but also accompany them on their way through everyday life and support their personal spiritual growth.

This weekend, I was not only allowed to meet many new friends, but also have intense encounters and do a lot of transformation work. I was shown so much enthusiasm, pleasure, spontaneity and goodness of heart that I will carry this feeling of gratefulness deep within me for a very long time.


Mexico Spirituality & Journeys

Let’s go to Mexico!

Today we are flying from Los Angeles to Mexico! This will be my first visit to this country. And I am already feeling a thrill of anticipation because I know for a fact that I am already expected there and that many angel enthusiasts are going to attend my events.

When I met Lilly Wong in Majorca five years ago, neither of us suspected that this encounter was going to develop into a cordial friendship. Lilly – a native of Mexico – received training as an “Angel Symbol Practitioner” by me before she spread her wings in order to bring my spiritual tools to the people in Spain and Mexico.

Afterwards she took yet another big leap and brought her “Light Language” in the form of “Sacred Codes” from heaven to Earth. Moreover, she dances in front of international crowds and by doing so not only transforms the prevalent energies, but also the audience’s awareness. And she does so many other things (listen to my Radio Talk with Lilly about Goddesses last year).

Why am I telling you this in such detail? Because I am very grateful to Lilly for being the one who paved the way for my work in Mexico. She has trained whole groups of people in using my symbols and essences and accompanied them on their path of spiritual growth.

So, tomorrow is the day, and I am eventually able to meet those people with whom I have already been connected for some time across thousands of kilometres by means of my heavenly tools. I am extremely glad!!!

PS: You can see Lilly in the picture right behind me, followed by Mara Pacheco (Mexico City) and Liliana Basauri (Oaxaca).



Mexico Spirituality & Journeys