I remember the time in my life when I used to hold women’s evenings in my home. I was a single mother then, and I loved to dive into the energy of this group of women.

I was not aware that we women should always look for the presence of other women to joyfully and consciously immerse in the femininity which connects us. Or to strengthen ourselves and recharge in the female energy field.

These meetings do not even have to aim for serious or profound conversations. No, there can be laughing and fooling around. Simply the coming together of women who appreciate and like each other, and want to be there for one another, is a precious present in our male-dominated time. Just spending a few hours with women only, strengthens and nourishes our female basic strength within us.

So what discourages us from organizing private women’s meetings or little women’s parties from time to time? Or just being together with women to give support, strength, comfort and attention regularly? No matter where these meetings take place, in a private home, in a restaurant, on the beach or during a walk: let us take more time consciously for our femininity, and let us dive into the connecting feminine energy field!