This is the best recompense for my efforts!


Thank you for shining your beautiful inner & outer light on all of us today. Our afternoon with Mary Magdalena and Companions was a most fantastic gift for me and my friends. I feel blessed to have had you here in my home to share with all of us messages & energies from the Ascended Masters.

Today almost feels like a dream. I had been anticipating this most wonderful afternoon with you, Mary Magdalena & the others for so long. It was even better than I ever expected or imagined. I can’t thank you & Gerd enough for making today a reality.

I truly appreciate the effort that you & Gerd must make each day in traveling so far to bring all of us closer to the healing, loving and wise energy of Mary Magdalena and other Ascended Masters. Both of you are really “in service”. I commend both of you for your commitment & dedication to opening the hearts of so many people.

Again I am filled with gratitude to you and your husband for a most precious gift of feeling a graceful presence in our hearts. I will hold that energy within me for a long time.
Continue to have a safe and wonderful trip. I will kerp you in my orayers and good thoughts.

I look forward to being with both of you agsin next May. Now that will be a most special experience for all of us!!! My best to both of you and much Love ♡♡♡ JoAne Bulotti, Half Moon Bay

I want to share this letter with you by all means, because it deeply touched my heart and compensates for all the setbacks and doubts which cannot be avoided during the realisation of my work. I thank all of my heavenly and earthly companions who once again made my trip to California a memorable experience. Until next time – in February 2016.”


How an ant gradually becomes a ladybird

Biologically speaking, an ant can never become a ladybird, but metaphorically speaking it can. One and a half years ago, I felt like a small, insignificant ant here in America, which crawled over the continent always asking itself, “What are you doing here? Are you sure that someone will show an interest in you and your work?”

Admittedly, those doubts also surfaced from time to time in the past few months, but on this trip, which is coming to an end tomorrow, I had the feeling for the first time that I have gradually left the ant stage and am developing into a ladybird. I owe this circumstance to some of my friends; one of them I would like to mention in particular today, namely Dr Muffit Jensen from Burbank.

The chemistry between us was right from the beginning, and we resemble each other in many ways. We both like it straightforward and “unfussy”, organisational matters are dealt with quickly and without much ado, and we are connected very closely with each other via the angels and Ascended Masters. For example, she organised a workshop for me as well as 18 single sessions with her clients. This gave and gives me the opportunity to establish myself here in Los Angeles and to strengthen her patients’ trust in me and my work.

And last but not least, I would like to mention all the other Californian companions who organised events for me in the past three weeks and thus enabled me to approach many people whose paths would not have crossed mine without their support. I already mentioned them in my previous blog entries.

Therefore, I look back on three intense and wonderful weeks with satisfaction and happiness, accompanied by my husband Gerd, without whose support I probably would not undertake my far and strenuous journeys. On a higher plane, we all follow the plan we agreed to before our incarnation, namely opening people’s eyes to the spiritual world. From now on as a ladybird and not as an ant anymore 😉 .


Mary Magdalene was calling

Sometimes it can take a very long time until you meet somebody with whom you have already been in contact via e-mail in person. This is what happened to me with JoAne from Half Moon Bay, with whom I was brought together owing to our mutual interest in Mary Magdalene.

This picturesque coastal town is only a stone’s throw away from San Francisco, which is why we met together with some of her friends for a private event, the focus of which was Mary Magdalene.

I channelled messages from this Ascended Master as well as from Salome and Archangel Raphael, and the energies were very impressive and moving for the people present.

Mary Magdalene brought us together that afternoon – and as far as I could gather from the very enthusiastic and touching feedback, she once again has moved the hearts of the participants very profoundly.



In 1749, the Spanish Franciscan padre Junipero Serra (1713-1784), who had been born in the small village Petra in the northeast of Majorca and there had been trained for being a padre, went on a missionary expedition to the New World together with some fellow brethren. He went by ship from Cádiz to Veracruz, today’s Mexico. There he founded a number of missions, learned the language of the Native Americans and taught them – in a today highly controversial way – how to make vast tracts of land arable and how to work them. The pictures show his place of birth Petra, where a museum was built in his honour and other memorials were erected in a more or less artistic way.

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