This is a suggestion from the book ‚Wonnestunden‘ (1) for an aphrodisiac oil mixture for a beautiful bath with a partner.


  • a handful of sea salt
  • 5 drops of cinnamon oil
  • 3 drops of peppermint oil
  • 6 drops of patchouli oil
  • 3 drops of vanilla oil

Mix the oils with the sea salt before you add them to your bath water. Remember that you should only use high quality oils!

This mixture of scents is supposed to provide a promising, sensual, intoxicating atmosphere.

Warning: essential oils can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, first try a little of the oil on your lower arm, before applying. Pregnant women may react to cinnamon and peppermint oil. Use organic oils, if possible.

(1) Krahl, Gisela; Riepe, Andrea: Wonnestunden Reinbeck 1995 (currently out of print)



There is a book in my private library which has been sitting on the shelf for some time. It contains wonderful oil mixtures for baths for two.

As the book is out of print, I would like to disclose one wonderful recipe. Look for non-synthetic ingredients, but buy high-quality organic oils!

Ingredients for a bath for two who have further plans:

10 drops of sandalwood

4 drops of ylang-ylang

3 drops of jasmine

1 – 2 spoonfuls of vegetable oil, for instance jojoba

Mix the oils according to instructions in a little bottle and shake well before adding into your bath water.

Sandalwood, which comes from India, has a velvety-warm, balsamic and exotic-sweet scent of wood, which is said to have a euphorigenic effect. The scent of the oil is supposed to strengthen feelings of happiness and set off sexual energies.

Well then, I wish you sensual pleasure!