With Angels and Ascended Masters in Mexico City

How is one supposed to write a blog, when one is at a loss for words when faced with so many emotions? Sunday evening I have returned to the hotel, which is situated in the heart of the city, after an incredibly intense, exhilarating and fulfilled weekend with my Mexican seminar participants … and I had to – or rather got to – abandon all the stereotypes about Mexico already within the first three days of my stay.

What remains is a lot of joy, bliss and enthusiasm, as well as the deep knowledge that my “spiritual tools” do not only open up people’s hearts here with a lot of love, sympathy and wisdom day after day, but also accompany them on their way through everyday life and support their personal spiritual growth.

This weekend, I was not only allowed to meet many new friends, but also have intense encounters and do a lot of transformation work. I was shown so much enthusiasm, pleasure, spontaneity and goodness of heart that I will carry this feeling of gratefulness deep within me for a very long time.


Mexico Spirituality & Journeys