‘What shifting consciousness has to do with unconditional trust’ An Angel message for you

‘Greetings, dear ones! We are the Angels for Unconditional Trust. Unconditional trust is certainly a big challenge for you people. This is on the one hand due to your linear way of thinking. On the other hand you are on a level of awareness where you can only perceive the now, the immediate past and future.

In fact there is no time, and therefore no linearity, but only the great whole. The entirety where you used to live as a soul, before you came down to another earthly life. There is everything inside you’re your entire potential, your stumbling blocks and learning tasks, your cosmic knowledge, your life plan, the knowledge about God and the spiritual worlds, simply everything.

After your arrival on the planet Earth you gradually lost this knowledge, although this is not the exact way to describe it. You have tuned your consciousness down to a lower energy frequency, to be able to really and truly live here on earth.

The compass that guides you through life is the connection with your soul, your Higher Self, because they both know everything. Unfortunately, it is your handicap that you do not trust this connection sufficiently. You want to fathom everything out with your intellect, doubting your intuition. You want everything to be proved and ignore the signs and messages on the outside, which would securely guide and direct you on your life path.

That is why you will do well to exercise your unconditional trust. The more your energy frequency, and therefore your spiritual awareness increases, the more you will be able to go into unconditional trust. We are with you!

Message from the Angels for Unconditional Trust transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us


¡CONFÍA DE FORMA INCONDICIONAL! Un mensaje espiritual de los Ángeles para la Confianza Incondicional

¡Saludos! Laconfianza incondicional es sin duda un gran reto para vosotros. Esto es así por vuestro pensamiento lineal y por vuestro nivel de conciencia, que solo os permite percibir el ahora, el pasado y el futuro cercanos. En realidad, el tiempo no existe y por lo tanto, tampoco la linealidad. Solo existe la totalidad  en la que vivíais como almas antes de llegar a la Tierra para experimentar otra encarnación. En vuestro interior está almacenado todo vuestro potencial, vuestros bloqueos y procesos de aprendizaje, vuestro conocimiento cósmico, vuestro plan de vida, vuestro conocimiento sobre Dios y sobre el mundo espiritual, absolutamente todo.

Al llegar al planeta Tierra perdisteis gradualmente este conocimiento, aunque esta no sea la forma más precisa de describirlo. Ajustasteis vuestra vibración energética y vuestra conciencia a un nivel inferior para ser capaces de vivir en la Tierra de la forma más real posible. La brújula que os guía en esta vida es la conexión con vuestra alma y con vuestro Ser Superior, porque ellos lo saben todo. Por desgracia, es una limitación que no confiéis lo suficiente en esta conexión. Queréis entenderlo todo con la mente, y dudáis de vuestra intuición. Queréis demostraciones inmediatas para todo, e ignoráis las señales y mensajes del exterior que seguramente os guiarían en vuestro plan de vida. Por ello, deberíais desarrollar vuestra confianza incondicional. Cuanto más elevéis vuestra frecuencia energética y vuestro nivel de conciencia, más capaces seréis de confiar incondicionalmente. ¡Estamos con vosotros!”

Mensaje de Ángeles para la Confianza Incondicional, transmitido por Ingrid Auer (c) https://www.ingridauerespanol.com



Greetings! We are Archangel Valeoel and Master Kuthumi. You have made the first step in combining conventional medicine with alternative healing methods, calling it “integrative medicine”. You have to understand that it has been a big step forward and an unbelievable success, to save people’s lives with the help of conventional medicine. I am sure you can imagine how helpless people must have felt in former times, when relatives just died and nobody could help them.

Like other human processes, the development of conventional medicine took its course. There have been successes and failures, enthusiasm, motivation, helpfulness, dedication and care – but also power struggles, manipulation and profiteering.

During the last decades, however, conventional medicine has taken an unfortunate direction. It has focused on the scientists’ wish to gain complete control over human lives. Driven by this ambition, scientists have neglected the spiritual and mental side of our lives. They have restricted life to the material level.

At the same time a strong counter-movement has grown up. Old wisdom has been activated or received from the spiritual world. Conventional medicine was faced with spiritual, or at least, alternative healing methods. And started to fight against them. Don’t forget how many people developed an abhorrence of conventional medicine.

What is it really all about? Man “works” on different levels. The highest is the spiritual one, which also exists on the cell level. Your cells do not only exist on the gross physical level, but they are also – and particularly – subtle. Therefore there are several ways to deal with an illness. Some people need the gross physical and the subtle level, meaning conventional and alternative healing, others mainly need the subtle-spiritual level for the transformation of their illnesses. And sometimes it only takes a conventional treatment, although some of you don’t want to hear this.

Your integrative medicine therefore is a first clash of classical and alternative methods. There will be a lot more arguments, until this form of medicine will make its way. And then it is still a long way from getting prescriptions of angel energies from integrative doctors. But the “birth” of integrative medicine is an important step which is supported and welcomed by the spiritual world! In times of transformation, things we have been dreaming of, will be possible. We are always with you!

Message transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us 


‘Who can explain the Higher Self to me, please?’ An Angel message for you

‘Greetings, dear ones! We are two Angels from the Angel groups Eloiah and Akabesh speaking in their behalf. You often ask, Who can explain the Higher Self to me, please? Well let us explain it in human words. Your Higher Self – everybody has a Higher Self – is the Divine administration point inside you. This expression is weak, but it is the Divine administration in you.

Many people look for the Higher Self on the outside or above themselves. They think it is situated where the angels and masters are. No, the Higher Self is in the middle of you. And although it is inside you, you often haven’t found the access to it. The connection is too weak. It is like a computer. If the line is too weak, you can only download a small amount of data. If the capacity of the line is strengthened, a bigger amount of data can be downloaded. Your Higher Self has accompanied you through all your incarnations, it has never left you. It has only got too little or no attention from you, because you did not know about its existence.

Do not mix up your Higher Self with your Guardian Angels. They work for and support your Higher Self. The Higher Self is merged with your soul, the centre of you. It represents what makes you an inter-dimensional being, which you truly are. Try again and again to get in contact with your Higher Self. This does not have to be done consciously, get in touch with your feelings. Just show that you appreciate your Higher Self and give it the space it deserves. You don’t have to do more. Meditations with the Higher Self can support this developing process, but are not absolutely necessary.

If your Higher Selves get in connection with each other, it causes big changes in the morphogenetic field of the Earth. It is like connecting the knowledge and the information of different computers. Knowledge is not visible, but it is there. The changes that are caused by your Higher Selves in the morphogenetic field are also not visible, but they are there. Positive changes on the Earth are accelerated by positive changes in the morphogenetic field of the people. In this way everybody can contribute by living in a spiritual way, simply being a good person. We wanted to give you this information, because things are not always as complicated as you think they are.’

Message transmitted by Ingrid Auer © http://www.IngridAuer.us