NOTRE DAME in Paris is dedicated to Mother Mary – this is at least the official version. However, once you have developed a deeper interest in Mary Magdalene, you find out that most of the great cathedrals in Europe were originally dedicated to her and not to Mother Mary, such as Notre Dame in Paris, or the cathedral in Chartres, and many other churches in Europe.

But… why?

What has happened?

Why Mary Magdalene was taken away from Jesus’ side

On my spiritual journeys through the south of France I could clearly see what a strong impact Mary Magdalene has made and still makes on this region.

Up until the 12thand 13thcentury she had the undisputed position by Jesus’ side in the belief of the people of the Languedoc and the Provence, and she was his undoubted successor.

Only few people are aware of the replacement of Mary Magdalene, including her teachings which came directly from Jesus. She was not only his wife, but also the first apostle, who should have become his successor instead of Paul.

Mary Magdalene spread Jesus’ teaching in the south of France

Jesus assigned Mary Magdalene to spread his word in the south-western Europe of today. She carried out her mission with infinite patience and love, supported by many friends and members of the family who accompanied her to the south of France. Part of the group went on to England later, to act there.

Even then this was a thorn in the side of the Church of Rome. Jesus’ teaching said that everybody should look for, and walk their own spiritual path, finding God within oneself. This can be read in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene from the 5thcentury whose content, however, is questioned by the church.

Mary Magdalene and her companions already had then a lot of followers, and it was from her teachings that the religion of that time developed in France (and also because of Joseph of Arimathea in England at the same time).

The church did not like Mary Magdalene’s traditional role

From then up to now the church has disliked the fact that Mary Magdalene was recognized as an equal partner of Jesus. The ecclesial dignitaries decided in the 12thand 13thcentury to relentlessly delete the knowledge about Mary Magdalene’s role and her teachings. The crusades against the Cathars, which aimed to destroy Mary Magdalene’s teaching in the broadest sense, are a stain upon history.

The church consciously replaced Mary Magdalene with Mother Mary. Not Jesus’ wife and companion should get all the attention, but his mother.

The knowledge about Mary Magdalene started to fade

The knowledge about Mary Magdalene faded more and more over the centuries. Now in the time of great transformation the truth is gradually revealed. More and more people feel the energy of Mary Magdalene, and do not allow church authorities to tell them what to believe in.

We need them both, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, as both Ascended Masters offer their loving energies for mastering challenges in our time:

A motherly and a feminine energy,

a protecting and encouraging one,

a soothing and nonconformist one.

The two Ascended Masters would never compete with each other. It was us who allocated them to a certain place in history. But now the time has come to rethink whether these places are still appropriate, or whether we can or should look at the two Marys from a new perspective.

The time has come! Their time has come! And so has ours!



photo Notre Dame ©AP/dpa/Thibault Camus

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