“Greetings, dear ones! We are the Angel group Aeszia. You are really going through turbulent times! No matter what country and continent you are in, there are great changes everywhere, upheavals and sometimes even breakdowns. Although the spiritual world has been preparing you for years, there is a big difference between hearing something, or experiencing it personally.

In speaking to you it is not our intention to pour petrol on the flames of your fears, rather we have come to encourage you. We want to give you an image on the way into the new year: think of a field that is covered in snow. Step by step, the power and warmth of the sun is increasing, and the snow starts to melt. Old, dry, flattened grass appears, which, at first sight, is not pleasing to the eye. But take a closer look! Underneath this old layer of grass, new pale green shoots come forth. First they can hardly be seen, but their growth cannot be stopped.

This is the same with the energies on your planet. Even if there is still too much violence, abuse of power, corruption, manipulation and other negative excesses, ‘tender plants’ are growing. I am talking about these groups of people who stand up for renewable energies, fair trade, organic food, species protection, alternative and spiritual medicine, social aid projects and much more.

Maybe you have not really noticed them, and they might even be laughed at. But it is them who have (quietly and unnoticed) started a completely new alignment of mankind that will change everything.

You should look out for them, and connect with them, whenever you feel unsettled and overwhelmed by the negative news from the mass media. Focus on the positive changes, even if they are minute! Focus your energy and attention entirely on the light, never the darkness. In doing so, you strengthen the light, and darkness will be pushed back.

We are an angelic group, called Aeszia. We will accompany mankind through the transformation process, together with other higher beings. We are with you! Greetings!”

Message from the Angel group AESZIA © transmitted by Ingrid Auer, www.ingridauer.us

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