“Greetings, dear ones! I am Serapis Bey. Bring into your awareness that it is not only other people and external circumstances which restrict your freedom and block your decisions and actions. It is also your own thoughts, outdated patterns of behaviour and beliefs which have been accepted from family and society unquestionably. These thoughts and memories are saved and embedded in your collective awareness, in the so-called morphogenetic field. This is where they are and from where they dominate you. In these times of great upheaval this lack of freedom is increasingly felt.

Over a long period of time you have been able to live a carefree life, sweeping problems under the carpet, and living with empty compromises. But this does not work any more! The truth – divine truth – longs to be revealed. It is saved in your heart and, therefore, it is the compass on your way to mastery.

This is the reason why you are called upon to settle your life, and to rethink and realign your values.

Masters carry the truth inside. If you want to do the same, clear all untruths and conveniences from your life. You know what I am talking about! Start with your thoughts. Watch yourself in which situations you only agree with others out of convenience.

‘Detoxify’ yourself from emotions, such as envy, hatred, jealousy, anger or aggression, because they are not only directed against others, but always against yourself. It weakens your subtle field, your vibration stagnates or vibrates at a lower frequency. And, as you can imagine, this is not beneficial for you, or your development.

Put an end to dependencies and conveniences! You pay a high price for your lack of freedom and it costs you precious energy. Of course, it involves a great deal of strength and willpower to free yourself from dependencies or addictions, but it is worthwhile. Masters do not hand their freedom over to others, because Masters are free in their thinking and doing.

Free yourself from mistakes of the past. Not every decision you have made in the past was based on love. Not every action has come from the depth of your heart. Forgive yourself and others! Now is the right time for it!

In reality you are the Master which will increasingly be revealed. Never forget that!

I am Serapis Bey!”


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