“Be greeted, I am Djwal Khul. I closely cooperate with Archangel Raphael and, among other things, I am responsible for healing in the New Age. You are going through an increasing transformation process. Your natural vibration, this is your body’s frequency, is raised. This might sound technical, but it is easy to explain.

Think of a piano student who is practising the first octave on his piano. It is hard work at the beginning, but he finds it more and more easy to play simple music pieces within this octave. However, one day he starts to get bored and he would like to play other tones beyond this first octave. So he works on the second octave, which vibrates higher than the first one. His musical repertoire is extending, because within two octaves many more variations of tones are possible.

Can you make a connection now between the transformation process and the octaves on the piano? The higher your physical body starts to vibrate, the higher your awareness vibrates. The higher your awareness vibrates, the sooner you will discover and implement your spiritual aptitudes which you have brought into this life as sparks of consciousness. The spirituality inside you awakens!

Remember: you are a highly developed soul in a physical body, ‘descended’ into duality to make certain experiences which are only possible in duality. At the same time a veil of forgetting covers your awareness, decreasing your vibrational frequency. But what has this got to do with the healing methods of the New Age?

The higher your frequency starts to vibrate during the transformation process, the higher the healing methods or tools have to vibrate. Only then can they agree with your natural frequency and become effective. If the tools and healing remedies vibrate on a lower frequency than you, they cannot reach you anymore, and therefore remain ineffective.

Think of the so-called children of the New Age. Many of them are born with a very high level of awareness, and bodies and souls with high frequencies. This is why, in case of illnesses, they often do not respond to traditional and even holistic healing methods and remedies. This is the way they force their parents and their environment to deal with spiritual methods and possibilities.

This will become stronger in the coming years and decades. If you are one of these people that work with others physically, mentally or emotionally, you should rather keep in mind that the spiritual level will become increasingly important. So far it has been rejected or neglected in treatments or during healing processes.

If you are a patient or client yourself, be aware that also doctors, therapists or healing practitioners have to go through a change of consciousness. Only then they will be able to satisfy your needs. Spiritually highly vibrating patients need highly vibrating tools and remedies, which at least have to reach the patients’ natural vibration in order to have a positive impact.

It is my task to inspire all the people in helping and healing jobs. I give them impulses to create new methods and tools. Now you can understand why I closely cooperate with Archangel Raphael, the great Angel of Healing!

Call me if you need me! I am available for you.

I am Master Djwal Khul!”

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