“Greetings, dear ones! I am Archangel Anthriel. You humans have concerned yourself with the phenomenon of light for quite some time now, namely in connection with your human existence. In the course of this, many of you have already realised that matter is nothing but condensed energy, i.e. condensed light.

Everything that exists around you is composed of light and everything that you represent as well. It is difficult to imagine that your body as well as all the objects you can touch are condensed light and have taken the form of matter. But it is the truth and even science is in the process of figuring this out.

As soon as you understand and accept that your physical world is a condensed subtle world, you will be able to avail yourselves of this circumstance. The first stirrings can already be seen.

Occasionally, there are people who exclusively live on light. They are still called frauds or liars or are sneered at by many people. But these doubters only focus their awareness on the physical level and do not question their extremely limited human point of view, otherwise they as well would hit upon the dimensions of light and pranic nourishment.

What do you think your articles of food are in fact made of? Are they also energy and nothing but physical storage spaces for information you humans need in order to survive? Exactly! After all, it is the information and vibrations that are stored in your food and that ‘nourish’ your somatic cells and your DNA, not the physical articles of food themselves.

You are of the opinion that food is broken down by your body in so far as only its ingredients or messenger substances are absorbed. It is segmented, but what your body needs at the end of the day are in fact the subtle vibrations and information contained in your food. This especially holds true for vitamins and mineral substances. They as well are still bound to physical carrier substances, although all you actually need is their information, impulses or vibrations, but not in the shape of globules, pills or mixtures as you know them.

Let us go one step further. What do you think is light medicine? It is nothing but information for your somatic cells and your DNA. Homoeopathy already follows a similar track, as does bioresonance therapy. Both contain messages for the body that only exist as vibrations, as resonance patterns or as impulses for the somatic cells.

The higher your physical, your subtle and your spiritual body vibrate, the higher the ‘light foods’ and the ‘light medicines’ need to vibrate in the future in order to have any kind of visible effect. By vibrational height we do not mean the potencies and high potencies of your current tools, but the multi-dimensional frequencies and information that are stored in your spiritual ‘light tools’.

It is crucial from which dimension this information comes. If the ‘light tools’ derive from the plant or crystal worlds or if they contain colour vibrations, they originate in near-Earth dimensions. If they only contain pure light, they originate in distant interdimensional dimensions. They come from the universe, from very high spiritual dimensions, and exclusively contain spiritual information.

Now it is up to you to see the difference between near-Earth tools and tools from distant dimensions more clearly in order to be able to use them sensibly and efficiently.”

A Message of Archangel Anthriel © transmitted by Ingrid Auer, www.ingridauer.us


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  1. You statement is close but left out a ‘key’ (Qi) fact(s);
    “It is difficult to imagine that your body as well as all the objects you can touch are condensed light and have taken the form of matter.” Condensed light touched by the vibration of the “(God’s) WORD” (Frequency) that vibrated light into the matter of existence. There is more, but that is the shell of the nut version. Peace

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