I know women who attract children with some sort of invisible magnet. It does not matter whether they are their own children or not. The children just seem to follow them. I have also got friends who are simply consumed by their job with children.

On my women’s blog I have already described two typical female archetypes, which we might also call ‘Goddess aspects’: Aphrodite (the beautiful one) and Artemis (the intellectual one). However, Demeter represents the mother aspect in every woman. According to individual nature and education this aspect is more or less noticeable.

Over centuries girls  have been taught to be a Demeter. It was clear that as a grown up woman she would take on the role as a mother. It used to be an exception, or even a blemish, not to have children, and therefore not to be a mother. This is certainly different today.

The different Goddesses, and the appropriate soul images (archetypes) can show us women which typical female characteristics and qualities we bear. It is important not to slip into a cliché thinking, or over-accentuate any Goddess aspect. Because all the female archetypes do not only represent light, but also shadows which need to be honestly recognized and dealt with.

Therefore: Be careful that you do not slip into judgements when you think about the Goddess-aspects of Demeter in you. My advice should only serve as a suggestion.


Famous women with typical Demeter aspects: to be honest, I can’t think of any women in the public eye who is a ‘typical’ Demeter. So I am thinking more of these women who dedicate their lives to children, supporting them, and their wellbeing, and fighting for their rights.

Typical topics/roles of the Demeter-woman: fulfilment through pregnancy and motherhood – thoroughbred mother – provider – supplier – defender – protector; midwife – children’s nurse – children’s doctor – kindergarten teacher – teacher – nanny – cook – social worker, etc.

Typical for Demeter woman: motherliness – caring – nursing – providing – prudent – strong mother instincts – protective – spoiling – generous

Shadows: overprotective behaviour – fretting – over protective – emotionally manipulating – moralizing – prone to depression – hiding behind the role as victim – neglecting partnership because of motherhood

In one of my next blogs I will introduce you to the Goddess-aspects of Athena.

Picture source: koeniglicherbeobachter.blogspot.com



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