I am curious how many of my readers will actually finish this blog, perhaps like it, or even share it. For sometimes I have to be a bit provocative and make you think. Encourage you to change your perspective. Open your eyes.

Yes, I admit it: I used to wear fur once. Never as a coat or a jacket, though, but as fur trims on gloves or boots. But … now I know better. I have become aware that even the tiniest piece of fur comes from animals which spend miserable lives on fur farms, waiting for their fur to be pulled off their bodies while they are still alive.

  • Just to have fur pom-poms on our woolly hats.
  • Just for our hoods to be brimmed with cuddly fur.
  • Just for our bags, boots, jackets or coats to get the fashionable or elitist touch.

Some of the people wearing fur argue that they only got it as a present, or an heirloom. The animals had been dead for a long time and did not have to be killed for her piece of dress. They are not aware that every fur coat, every fur pom-pom, and every fur boot encourages others to copy it.


If you have strong nerves, visit this website:


If your nerves are not so strong, at least consider these figures. I found them on www.pelz-war-leben.info


In 2012, fur farms in the 21 EU countries had a turnover of 1.5 billion Euro. Almost 50% of the furs produced in the world come from Europe.

The total value of the fur trade, a year worldwide, is estimated by the German fur institute at 3.7 billion Euro. The total value of the whole fur industry is 40 billion dollars.

Between 2001 and 2011 the fur industry increased production by 42%. This is 31.5 million more animals killed per year (2001: 22 million). Between 2000 and 2012  turnover in the fur industry increased by 70%.

However, various surveys show that for more than ten years there has been a constantly high rejection of fur fashion, at least in Germany.

In 2003, a study proved that 70.4% of German people were for a general ban on fur farming in Germany, 67.7% explicitly rejecting the wearing of fur as fashion, with only 5.8% supporting it. Results from 2016 confirm the predominantly negative attitude: a study proves that 82% of German people are against wearing fur, and only 3% for it.

Another study from 2016 shows that 80% of the German population are for banning fur farms in Germany, 14.4% are against a ban.

In 2016 there are 5000 fur farms in Europe; there were 7200 in 2011.

When the animals are six to eight months old, they are old enough to be killed. They are just able to take their first steps without their parents.

In Europe minks are gassed with carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide; foxes, chinchillas and racoon dogs are electrocuted. It takes between one and three minutes for the carbon monoxide to effect a mink. And foxes have to be electrocuted for 7 seconds before they die.

In 2015 all international fashion collections contained 50% to 90% items with fur. 70% of the turnover nowadays comes from fur trimmings (not entire coats).

Clothing items with real fur trimmings of the same textile quality as the ones with artificial fur trimmings, …

… have an impact on the environment and people, with an amount of carcinogenic substances, 2.5 times higher than the others,

… have an impact on the environment and people with further harmful substances with an intensity 3.7 to 6.7 higher,

… are 8 times more harmful to the ozone layer,

… deliver 5, or 3.6 times, higher figures for aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicity,

… have a 11.5 times higher influence on acidification and nutrient enrichment of the soil,

… contribute 2.2 times more to global warming,

… consume about twice as much energy and 4.5 more mineral raw materials.

A 100 cm long fur coat needs …

… 80 squirrels

… 64 chinchillas

… 20 (m) – 28 minks

38 rabbits

… 8  – 10 foxes

… 9 lynxes.





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