I always like to reminisce about the time when I had my first private kinesiology practice more than 20 years ago (later I had two). At that time, also an astrologer, who unfortunately died much too young, offered his services in my premises.

When he had a look at my horoscope for the first time, he said, “You are going to work with many women in this life.” I briefly considered whether what he had said could be true. But Walter was right! Already in the 90s, 95 percent of my clients were women.

Spiritual tools for women

After considerable time, when I was writing my book on Angel Combi Symbols, the fact that an unusually large number of the approx. 500 symbols that feature in the book set is intended for women and children attracted my attention. I had not planned this in advance, but it had just sort of happened. My soul had probably guided me there. And of course my heavenly companions as well. Also my book on spiritual pregnancy and birth care, my children’s books as well as my pregnancy CD, which are an important part of my work as an author, I have dedicated to women.

I am going to be a midwife in my next life

When I became a mother a long time ago and got in touch with a midwife for the first time, I wondered why I had never hit on the idea to take up this wonderful profession. But at that time there was no one in my family who was working in the social or medical field and who could have given me an impulse in that direction. This is why I thought back then, “But I am going to become a midwife in my next life!”

Christmas Eve in the delivery ward

10 years ago, I had the ardent wish to support a strange and single woman during childbirth on Christmas Eve. But you cannot just walk into a clinic, knock at the door of the delivery ward and say, “Hey, I would like to be present at a delivery today.” But as you know, sincere desires have a way of coming true. Owing to a friend of mine, the medical superintendent of a big Viennese hospital granted me access to the delivery ward, and I was even able to support two women during childbirth. I was by their side, without any professional knowledge, just as a woman. That was one of the happiest and most touching Christmases I have ever spent.

Immersing myself in the collective feminine

Now that I am preparing my newest women’s blog (which will go online in August 2016) and am occupying myself with the female soul, I realise for the first time how close women are to my heart. I am thrilled and fascinated by immersing myself in our female collective and bringing our deep wisdom, our natural power and our innate intuition, but also our numerous emotional and physical injuries, to mind.

I consider it a wonderful duty to retrieve conscious and unconscious issues from the depth of our female soul and unfurl them so that we can realise and understand who we women really are, what kinds of needs we have, what we need to let go off and forgive in order to heal entirely. I also want to highlight a holistic-spiritual approach to the female body and thereby offer many women the opportunity to decode its messages and signals and understand it even better.

Balance between male and female

After many centuries, if not millennia, the voice of the “inner woman” is finally heard again. And as a result, our world becomes somewhat more female, wholer and “rounder”. And that is a good thing. Because only when the balance between female and male, between yin and yang, is restored, can there be peace on Earth.

We are working on it …!

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